Integrated Modelbased Engineering

Take your products and processes to the next level:

Transform the way you design your products, integrate your engineering processes and automate the generation of specifications, software code and wiring schematics.

Functionality & Dependencies

Learn how everything is related.

Features - Functions - Solutions

Features, Functions and Solutions are all collected in libraries and shared among all the participants in the engineering process.
Since there are experts from marketing, engineering and design involved, a common graphical user interface has been introduced which enables all of them to speak the „same language“ : Virtual Solution Design


Functions are defined by requirements. Both requirements as well as functions are designed under constraints.

Constraints like target prices or laws are usually not treated as „engineering objects“ in the development process. Nevertheless they define the guidelines for all people involved. Thus they are an essential part of model based requirements management in ESCAPE.

Tools integrations

There is no one-size-fits-all tool or methodology in the world of model based engineering.

Trying to use such tools, developed for experts by experts, to integrate the whole process, always end in the complexity trap.

ESCAPE delivers a common ground for the integration of all of the tools on a single point of truth: The product reference model.

System Architecture Design

The development of system architectures has to take both sides of the medal into account: Electronics, mainly the software running on ECUs, as well as the wiring and harness : Code vs Cable.

Virtual Solution Design provides the engineers with an integrated approach of optimization and offers automatic wiring generation directly from the product reference model. 

Comunication Design I

The increase in complexity by distributing computing power to remote processing units is often underestimated.

Virtual Solution Design provides you with a communication model that integrates the functional reference model with a communication model handling busses like CAN and LIN as well as gateway configuration. 


With the introduction of Ethernet new methods for communication are needed. Traditional Electronic Control Units exchange data via gateways running signal-to-service-transformation with high processing power units, which visualize information to the driver in different ways.

Virtual Solution Design models get you in control of these transformations.


Next generation automobiles will always be connected. They exchange information with backbones and infrastructure (e.g. city traffic control servers) which is used to keep the driver informed on one hand and to keep him travelling safe in all situations on the other hand.

ESCAPE provides the engineer with the tools needed to develop the system for functional safety and remote access for maintenance and updates. 

Data Objects MAster

3E‘s PORTOS Data Objects Master technology delivers a single point of truth for all data in a vehicle. Thus realtime communication inside a car is much easier to handle and to maintain. Changes and updates can be done at any point of time.

PORTOS controls the access to the vehicles data from the outside world and decouples updates from the actual status of driving. Since it keeps all data it can also provide a blackbox function.