Embedded Systems Solutions

3E-motion provides you with integrated embedded system solutions – from the model to the product implementation.

No time to develop your own reference models with ESCAPE? No problem, we have adaptable product and process models off the shelf, that we can migrate to match your vehicle architecture and development process in no time.

You want to create your software code and wiring diagrams automatically from your product model? Using our integrated model-based Engineering suite ESCAPE in combination with the toolkits of our partners this state-of-the-art development process becomes a built-in feature for you.

Full Range of Mechatronic Embedded Systems

Still not convinced that we will provide you with everything you need along the E/E value chain? Well, our support for you does not end with the model.

Together with our partner New Eagle we offer the full range of mechatronic embedded system solutions from ECU’s and displays to autonomous development drive-by-wire kits.



High quality ECUs from new eagle.


High quality displays from new eagle.


Autonomous Development Platform Kit and Drive-By-Wire Kits from new eagle.