Completely integrated and modelbased E/E-development platform

Master Most Complex Distributed Embedded System Development

Integrated Engineering

ESCAPE is 3E-motion's breakthrough System Modeling solution for distributed embedded real time systems.

ESCAPE provides modeling, design and analysis of distributed embedded real time systems of any degree of complexity and size.

From the mission level, where functions and features can be defined, tested and documented using an executable specification;

through the solution level, where functional solutions can be reused and partitioned to graphically defined architectures of busses and devices;

to the implementation level, where the final software is generated in todays existing environments as well as the electrical schematics.

The integration with e-PLM delivers full consistency of all data across all stages of a project and across all variants, derivates and versions of a product and its parts.

  • ESCAPE provides integrated engineering throughout the whole process of E/E-engineering from the first idea down to production code.
  • With ESCAPE you can reduce development time & costs,
  • reuse solutions even in case of technological changes and 
  • manage cross border engineering teams in large scale mission critical projects.
  • ESCAPE integrates perfectly with e-PLM-solutions like ZUKENs DS-2 and thus delivers the first fully integrated E/E-solution with variants and version managementcable and harness design, workflow management as well as SAP and CATIA support.
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    Our MISSION is to transform the document based process into a data based one, integrate the common tools as well as the expert systems and automize time consuming engineering tasks.
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    Solution Level
    Our SOLUTION is a model based process, which uses new methods and tools like Virtual Solution Design and ESCAPE to build a common base for all participants, the product reference model.
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    Implementation Level
    Your IMPLEMENTATION is supported by our easy to use and easy to learn engineering system ESCAPE, engineering services on site and generic product models and libraries.

Major Product Features

Functional design of complex products (car, airplane, power plant)
Multi-User/ Multi-site system
Rights and roles management
Fully graphical design of features and functions
Autorouting of function networks across hierarchies
Drag & drop function hierarchy modeling
Library support with type/instance handling
Virtual solution design of HW/SW
System architecture design and optimisation
Dependency analysis
Bus communication configuration
FMEA and fault back tracking
Cost evaluation and calculation
Integration with e-PLM
Variant & version handling
Workflow management
Integration with schematics
Integration with behaviour modeling & simulation (MATLAB/Simulink)
Integration with real time analysis
Integration with automatic code generation

E/E-System Modeling

Abstraction: Function

The hierarchy tree represents the structure of the product reference model. 

A function level can be devided in an unlimited number of subsystems, function groups and compound functions. 

Functions are not bound to real components.

Abstraction: Solution

The solution is created as a model close to the real world (artefacts for both hardware and software).

A solution is the engineers blue print of how to solve a given problem.

Abstraction: Real Components

The solution elements are mapped to real components.

This „partitioning“ is the base for the generation of communication, code and wiring.


ESCAPEpro, an intuitive graphical E/E-engineering environment, integrates all data of a product on a reference model. It also integrates all phases of a project and all participating members.

Combining solution-independent functional models with technology-independent solutions allows for reuse on an integration with existing tool chains.

Failure Analysis

Failure Effects Analysis

ESCAPE provides a failure mode effects analysis.Any logical element, sensor, actuator, HW-channel, SW-module, ECU, bus cable, signal can be marked as faulty.

ESCAPE represents the result of the analysis graphically across all hierarchies and views.

The picture shows an analysis, where a ECU has been marked “faulty”, the logical view shows all elements mapped to that ECU in red and the elements depending on informations from that ECU (secondary faults) in orange colour.

Fault Back Tracking

ESCAPE provides a fault back tracking analysis. Any logical element, sensor, actuator, HW-channel, SW-module, ECU, bus cable, signal can be marked as faulty.

ESCAPE analyses the possible causes for a fault and represents the result of the analysis graphically across all hierarchies and views. The picture to the right shows an analysis, where a bulb has been marked “faulty”.

ESCAPEpro can upload actual process values from a plant and present the values in the function net. If the embedded system supports forcing, the user can “force” values in the plant directly from within his logical architecture model view.

System Architecture Design & Optimisation

ESCAPEpro provides a graphical design view to the technical architecture of a distributed embedded system, the HSB (Hardware Structure Builder).

The HSB allows to create devices, busses, messages and protocols. Existing message catalogs can be transformed into ESCAPEpro-message types, in terms of AUTOSAR “PDUs”. Thus the back-annotation of messages to logical functions can be achieved.

The ECU structure view enables the user to look inside an ECU and configure it via drag & drop mechanisms. Functional elements, that have been mapped to the ECU, are mapped to real resources of an ECU by just dropping it on a graphical representation of the ECUs resource, e.g. a task or an input/output. ESCAPEpros’dependency analysis features work on the logical design as well as on the physical design.

Signals are generated automatically by mapping functions and solution elements to components in the HSB. The signals can be mapped into messages, ESCAPEpro carries out a bus load calculation automatically. Protocols like SAE J-1939 are supported. ESCAPEpro works independent of bus technologies. Support for busses like CAN, LIN and Fleyray can be loaded as a plugin at any time when needed.

Functional Structure Builder (FSB)

  • Graphical design of logical architectures
  • Mission level: functional design
  • Solution level: active chain design HW/SW
  • Creation of logical objects (functions, features)
  • Hierarchical function net design with drag&drop
  • Autorouting of connections across hierarchies
  • Auto-grouping of connections
  • Type/Instance handling, library-support
  • FMEA and fault back tracking
  • Import/Export in open XML-Format
  • Document generation
  • Create user specific dynamic attributes
  • Create dialogs for dynamic attributes (XML)
  • Consistency checks
  • Integration with e-PLM backbone

ECU Configuration & Code Generation

ESCAPE supports the configuration of ECUs graphically. The ECU is represented in all its parts:

  • HW: I/O-ports, power supply, ...
  • Bus communication channels,
  • Tasks, functions / applications
  • Operating system
  • Target description (resources like processor, RAM, ROM, ...)

Functions and solutions can be mapped to ECUs. The configuration of the ECU is done after the mapping.

The solution elements (HW/SW) are allocated to ECU resources via drag and drop. From the ECU structure view ESCAPE generates models for tool chains of different vendors. 

Since there are many proven tool chains already in use with a long history of knowledge and application ESCAPE integrates seamless with these tool chains instead of strating from scratch.

Reduction of development effort 

Reduction of the development effort at the OEM by up to 70% through automation of engineering tasks

reduction of engineering time

Reduction of the development time of E/E systems by 3 years to 1 year through reference models


Quantum Leap for

E/E-Systems Development

World's First Completely Integrated Modelbased E/E-Platform

Our Task for the new CHERY EXEED TX:

Support in the development of a new E/E-platform for all future vehicles from CHERY with integrated, modelbased product and process design and the help of our E/E-engineering and integration tool ESCAPE and our method "Virtual Solution Design".

CHERY EXEED TX - Success Story

For the first time ever the E/E-system of a whole new vehicle platform has been built from scratch completely integrated and model based.

The development team at CTCS (Chery Technical Center Shanghai) consisted of 15 people. Including us. With such a small team we built the E/E-system for the new EXEED TX from scratch in about 2 years. 

We supported the development with our E/E-engineering and integration platform ESCAPE and our development method called „Virtual Solution Design“. 

All data from previous common development processes such as spreadsheets and text files have been transformed into ESCAPE. From requirements and features down to the ECUs. We developed models and libraries and enabled automatic generation of data, documents and diagrams.

Model based E/E-system architecture design

of a new vehicle platform from feature design down to production data

Integration of model based engineering and task automation

with the traditional document based process and tools

Redefinition of “State of the art”

for integrated model based E/E-engineering

Ready. Set. Done.

Integrated Engineering

With ESCAPE and an e-PLM-solution a quantum leap in E/E-engineering has been reached: a fully integrated engineering based on data.

The e-PLM-Backbone serves as the “single point of truth” storing engineering objects, that are shared between the tools of different engineering disciplines.

ESCAPEpro and programs like E3.cable work on the same objects in the backbone. Both tools use a common set of attributes of the objects (e.g. an ECU) and have their private attributes in addition. 

All data is stored with the object, with a guaranteed consistency at any time of a project.

Integrated Process and Product Engineering

ESCAPE provides a process modelling toolbox. The engineering process can be defined and analysed in full graphics.

The dependency analysis features of ESCAPE offer the analysis of implications in case of a product change:  which tasks have to be run, which companies and which experts have to be involved and how long would it take to implement a change; which parts of the product are affected by the change of a component, a piece of software or a bus communication message. 

Late changes in a project will not frighten your engineers any longer, the management gets reliable estimations.

Variants & Versions

An e-PLM system offers everything that is needed to handle complex, electronically controlled products with many variants, versions and derivatives. This includes baselining, workflow management and reuse/share-mechanisms. ESCAPEpro takes full advantage of these features and makes life easier for your engineers.

The intuitive graphical user interface of ESCAPEpro also controls the access to the data backbone and delivers right the information that the user is looking for without knowing anything about dataschemas and programming. Find out how relaxed engineering could be.

Explore the new engineering process beyond Excel, Visio and Powerpoint!

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