Engineering Process Consulting


The MISSION is to transform the document based process into a data based one, integrate the common tools as well as the expert systems and automize time consuming engineering tasks.


The SOLUTION is a model based process, which uses new methods and tools like Virtual Solution Design and ESCAPE to build a common base for all participants, the product reference model.


The IMPLEMENTATION is supported by an easy to use and easy to learn engineering system, engineering services and generic product models and libraries.


Collect and share KNOWLEDGE.
Take advantage from your engineers solutions and make it last for long.
The evolution of innovation.


Engineering objects are created, tested, approved and eventually changed. The STORAGE delivers a single point of truth for all your solutions and its components.


Unleash the power of your engineers.
Easy to learn, intuitive USAGE, inspiring towards creative solutions. Method and tool follow the blueprint in the minds of your engineers.

Ready. Set. Done.

Fast Forward to Automation

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

From document based to integrated modelbased process

We don't just offer a tool, we can guide you through the entire process.

From manually handling countless spreadsheets to a completely integrated product model in ESCAPE. From integration of requirements through the E/E-system architecture to the automatic generation of serial code. 

Minimize time and costs now. With ESCAPE.


Transform your knowledge and data from spreadsheets and documents into a generic solution model.

Manage your data in one secure spot, your engineering data backbone, the „single-point-of-truth“.


Take advantage in the integration of the tool islands in your process into a common model platform.

Save time by creating the input for simulation, implementation and production automatically from your product reference model.


Create simulation models right from every level of your product reference model.

Generate ECU models including OS- and task-configuration and generate production code right out of your ESCAPE model.

Create your wiring diagrams at the push of a button, no worries about inconsistencies between the functional design and the electrics implementation.