Engineering Services

3E-Motion does not only supply you with Engineering and embedded system solutions. We also take care of the introduction and implementation of our solutions into your business and provide you with the engineering services you require.

From the transformation of your development process via the integration of multi-disciplinary engineering skills and collaboration to the automated model-based creation of code and wiring schematics, our well trained, experienced engineers are ready to support you in your projects and throughout the entire engineering process.

And if you are in need for a partner who can provide you with experience, guidance, and execution along your E/E development chain, we can deploy one of our engineering teams to your side or to support you remotely. See below for some of our references of past projects where we enabled our customers to excellency.

E/E-Engineering Excellence

Let us show you how your company will benefit from working with us.

Integrated Modelbased Engineering

Take your products and processes to the next level:

Transform the way you design your products, integrate your engineering processes and automate the generation of specifications, software code and wiring schematics.

Integrated modelbased engineering steps from transformation to integration to automation

The Method:

Virtual Solution Design

Stop re-inventing the wheel and save on time to market as well as on engineering costs:

With a completely integrated product reference model, build on a single point of truth – Your engineering data backbone. 

Engineering Process Consulting

Product Design