Our History

Visionary E/E-Engineering for 30 years

Idea and vision, the cornerstone of ESCAPE, the change in the development of automobile and train development from the 80s to today, the visionary ideas from then and now. Where do we come from and how did the path lead us to where we are today?

On A Journey Through Time



It all started with Leinemann back in 1979 - Computer Aided Plant Engineering (CAPE)


First PROCONTROL real-time Bus system in a power plant (BBC)

Large Power Plant Mannheim, Germany, GKM Block 7: First power plant with PROCONTROL real-time bus system (BBC)



ABB starts CAPE project to integrate electronics and electrics

  • Integrated engineering of control technology: electronics & electrics in one model
  • Products: Power plants, HV switchgear, network control systems
  • Platform: UNIX HP Apollo
  • Dr William (Bill) Grossmann (CTO ABB Germany, Head of CRC Heidelberg)



ABB Transportation starts CAPE / C project for vehicle control technology

The "CAPE" project by ABB and Daimler forms the cornerstone of today's integrated E/E engineering. The idea to work function oriented instead of component oriented was the main principal.

Jürgen Kaiser (today managing director 3E-motion Ventures GmbH) was a project participant.

  • CAPE/C: Computer Aided Plant Engineering/ Control
  • Model-based engineering of vehicle control technology: automatic generation of software and bus communication
  • Products: Locomotives, underground trains, trams, high-speed trains
  • Platform: MS-Windows, ObjectStore
  • Dr. Christian Zeidler ABB Research


Method "Virtual Solution Design"

ABB Research: Virtual Solution Design, Dr Christian Zeidler & Jürgen Kaiser (today managing director 3E-motion Ventures GmbH)

  • Motivation: Knowledgebased Evaluation of Vehicle Information
  • Knowledge base: creation is too much effort
  • Problem: Missing vehicle model (E/E)
  • > Model ABB Research / ABB Transportation



From 1998: Model based Engineering of mass transit vehicles, locomotives and current converters

  • Functional architecture design, modelbased software development (IEC61131)
  • Automatic code generation for vehicle control system
  • Automatic bus configuration (MVB)
  • Remote access to vehicle data (read and force)

EUROTRAM Straßburg | First vehicle developed with CAPE/C

  • Standardized bus systems (Train Communication Network TCN)
  • Dynamic vehicle configuration (coupling of vehicles from different manufacturers)
  • Realtime data communication with infrastructure


foundation of Capeware Software GmbH

  • MBO to found CapeWare Software GmbH
  • Pilot partner John Deere
  • Jürgen Kaiser, Co-Founder


model-based chassis design with CAPE/C

BMW shows model-based chassis design with CAPE / C - Simulink in Fulda


Gigatronik (Austria)

GIGATRONIK establishes a new site in Graz/Austria under the lead of Jürgen Kaiser.


AIDA - The turning point for tool manufacturers

GIGATRONIK and ZUKEN participate as partners in the AIDA-tender to BMW. The technical evaluation on the offers of 16 companies (amongst others Dassault, IBM, Vector,...) results in a number one positioning of the joint offer of GIGATRONIK and ZUKEN


Foundation of 3E-motion Ventures GmbH

ESCAPE-Core-team founds 3E-motion Ventures GmbH (Jürgen Kaiser (CEO) , Giselle Fernandez Soto (CTO), Dennis Bauer, Dr.Melanie Bauer, Jennifer Binek (Director Design))


First complete reference model of a combine harvester (CLAAS LEXION)

3E-motion Ventures GmbH supports CLAAS with the development of a new electronic system architecture for all CLAAS vehicles based on EtherCAT


Start of Chery Exeed TX: Model-based development of a new vehicle architecture

3E-motion Ventures GmbH supports CTCS - Chery Technology Center Shanghai to develop a new vehicle architecture and platform


Presentation of Chery EXEED TX (IAA, Frankfurt)

Presentation of EXEED TX (IAA): State-of-the-art of Integrated Modelbased E/E-Engineering redefined


Continental: SPES approach to modeling the FPKM for MQB2020

3E-motion Ventures GmbH supports with the modelling of safety relevant drivers display functions in UML (Enterprise Architect)


Supporting automotive OEMs in the transformation towards a model based engineering process

History of ESCAPE

How the integration and development platform ESCAPE originated and evolved since 1989

Jürgen Kaiser (General Manager 3E-motion Ventures GmbH)

1989 CAPE (ABB)

ABB starts the project CAPE (Computer Aided Plant Engineering) to integrate electronics and electrics

1991 CAPE/C (ABB, Daimler)

ABB Transportation starts the project CAPE/C (Computer Aided Plant Engineering / Control) for vehicle control technology.

The "CAPE" project by ABB and Daimler forms the cornerstone of today's integrated E/E engineering. The idea to work function oriented instead of component oriented was the main principal.

Jürgen Kaiser (Managing Director 3E-motion Ventures GmbH) was a project participant.

1994 Virtual solution design

ABB: Dr. Christian Zeidler & Jürgen Kaiser invent the method "Virtual Solution Design"

1999 CAPE/C (Capeware GmbH)

Jürgen Kaiser: MBO to found CapeWare Software GmbH

Spin-off from the CAPE project and founding of Capeware GmbH by its managing director Jürgen Kaiser (today managing director 3E-motion Ventures GmbH). Takeover of CAPE and further development together with partner BMW (ABB Daimler Benz Transportation).

2008 Renaming to "ESCAPE"

"CAPE/C" is now called "ESCAPE" (Embedded Systems Computer Aided Plant Engineering)

2010 ESCAPE (3E-motion Ventures GmbH)

Jürgen Kaiser founds 3E-motion Ventures GmbH

Continuous development and improvement allows us to always be one step ahead. In 2017 we presented the new EXCEED TX at the IAA in Frankfurt with our partner Chery. With the first vehicle platform that was completely integrated and developed on the basis of models. A milestone in E / E development. And we don't stop.

Jürgen Kaiser

- General Manager -

ESCAPE redefined the State-of-the-Art

Our methodology of „Virtual Solution Design” is unique and approved itself as the most powerful solution in the engineering of complex E/E-system architectures. Since our offer includes not just tools, but also models and libraries, engineering services as well as components, 3E-motion Ventures is the one-stop-partner for the transformation to a fully integrated engineering.

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