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Model transformation: SL2Fun analyzes the most complex conglomerates of Simulink models and libraries up to the largest databases of automotive OEMs and transforms them into functional models.

During the transformation, the models are automatically cleaned up to enable the migration to PDM / PLM systems. XML is used as the format, the information obtained can be processed further in a simple manner.

  • Enables the automatic migration of Simulink models and libraries of any size and complexity to PDM / PLM systems
  • Transforms Simulink models and libraries into XML-based function models
  • Creates a hierarchical, functional reference model of the analyzed product
  • Creates a reference library from individual libraries and models. Both types and the instances in the functional reference model are created


SL2ESC transforms with SL2Fun exported XML files into ESCAPE models. Format converter for supporting the ESCAPE engineering platform.

  • Converts SL2FUN output to ESCAPE format
  • Creates importable projects for the overall model, FSB and FTB
  • Enables the import of mdl.-Simulink files for every software type

CAN Communication Network model example


CAN2Fun converts the CANdb or CANdb++ into a functional model that can be read into ESCAPE.

ESCAPE enables the user to graphically analyze the CANdb and many options for redesigning the system architecture without losing data and messages.

  • Graphic representation of nodes, messages and signals
  • Search function for selective searches with wildcards
  • Insertion of structure nodes for the hierarchical structuring of the CAN communication
  • Moving nodes in the hierarchy with automatic generation of interfaces (messages / signals)
  • Navigation from sources to sinks and vice versa

CAN Communication Network model example


Fun2CAN generates CANdbc files from ESCAPE communication models.

An overall communication model of the entire vehicle is automatically broken down into the individual bus systems / CAN bus lines. A CANdbc file is generated for each partial bus (body CAN, chassis CAN, ...), including the gateway node required in each case.

  • Automatic generation of CANdbc files including nodes, messages, signals, value tables, interaction layer
  • Generation of the gateway nodes (messages from other buses)
  • Automatic generation of documentation for each bus using ESCAPE
  • Compatible with the Vector tool chain