Engineering Systems

3E-Motion offers the E/E integration and development platform ESCAPE to scale up your engineering processes. The tool allows the 100-percent model-based development of your E/E system architecture – whether you are designing a car, a train, a boat, or an airplane.

Engineering Tools such as Simulink, EBcable, CANdb, etc. can be integrated in the ESCAPE vehicle model, thus providing one central single point of truth for your development. 

Furthermore, ESCAPE allows the automatic creation of design documents, software code, wiring diagrams and many more directly from the model tree, thus saving valuable time for your engineers and avoiding costly errors when transforming a regular model into the necessary design documents for your customer and suppliers.

Need more?

You still need more integration to realize your product requirements? Or you already have a toolchain implemented, that you do not want to or cannot afford to lose?

No problem. Of course, our engineering solutions can also be integrated themselves within your existing toolchain. Using our transformer toolkits, we can provide you with our engineering solutions in any surrounding at any time.

E/E Integration and DevElopment Platform


Completely integrated and model based E/E-development and integration platform.

But we don't just offer the tool and platform. We can guide you through the entire process. What do you need? Integration platform? Integrated model based development platform? iMBE process? Integrated enterprise?


Reduction of the development effort at the OEM by up to 70% through automation of engineering tasks.


Reduction of the development time of E/E systems by 3 years to 1 year through reference models

less effort
less development time


Convert your data to your needs and integrate it in the one E/E-development platform: ESCAPE.

SL2Fun | Simulink

SL2Fun analyzes the most complex conglomerates of Simulink models and libraries up to the largest databases of automotive OEMs and transforms them into functional models.

CAN2Fun | CANdb + CANdb++

CAN2Fun converts the CANdb or CANdb ++ into a functional model that can be read into ESCAPE.


Fun2CAN generates CANdbc files from ESCAPE communication models.


Raptor™ Integration

Automatically generate code directly from your ESCAPE functional model and upload it into your Raptor ECU product family.

Integration of Simulation Models FRom:

Matlab/ Simulink

ESCAPE features full integration of automated code generation and upload into your ECU product family via Simulink from the functional model.